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Double Loop Webbing Retainers

Double Loop Webbing Retainers Ideal for tidying ends of webbing or increasing retention.

Available in High Density Polyethylene for general usage.

Available in Nylon 6 for more demanding uses.

Standard colour Black, other colours to quantity order.

Round style or double prong retention.
Round Style Retention
40mm Double Plastic Webbing Loop0322 40mmHDPE893
0.19 / 0.22
45 mm. Double Plastic Webbing Loop Black, Round Style0323 45 mmHDPE2633
0.35 / 0.41
50 mm. Double Plastic Webbing Loop Black0317 50 mmHDPE334
0.37 / 0.44
40mm Nylon Double Loop0322N 40 mmNylon0
0.20 / 0.24
45 mm Nylon Double Plastic Webbing Loop0323N 45 mmNylon0
0.36 / 0.42
50 mm. Double Nylon  Webbing Loop Black0317N 50 mmNylon4
0.08 / 0.09
Double Prong Retention
45 mm .Plastic Double Webbing Loop, Double Prong Style0323OS 45 mmHDPE0
0.35 / 0.41
45 mm .Nylon Double Plastic Webbing Loop, Double Prong Style0323NOS 45 mmNylon7862
0.35 / 0.41


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