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Powered Canopy / Bimini Units

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automatic powered bimini system
• BHU-001 and BHU-001Y Large, bimini micro hydraulic system fits 38 mm. (1 ½” ) tube, for canvas up to 4 metres wide, 3-4 metres throw.

• BHU-002 and BHU-002Y Small bimini hydraulic unit fits 32 mm. (1 ¼”) tube, for canvas up to 4 metres wide, 4 metres throw.

• BHU-003 and BHU-003Y Large, strong bimini unit hydraulic unit fits 50 mm. (2”) tube, will take up to twice the weight and twice the width of the other units.

Adaptors are available to accommodate smaller diameter tube - for recommended canvas size please ask for specification.

Huge range of mounting positions.

Powered Canopy/Bimini Image 1

Technical Specifications

Customer to specify mounting position when ordering - position is factory set

• Connection system allows all micro hydraulic pipe work to be hidden within mountings

• Coloured pipe system for ease of installation and identification

• Self tensioning

• Range of movement 150º as standard - see diagram on below

• Push button control with automatic rocker safety switch

• Automatic safety override valve

• Operation warning beeper unit installed in system. (Can be silenced)

• Adjustable torque

• Hydraulic pump unit available in 12 or 24 volt pump unit box

• Manual override facility

Powered Canopy/Bimini Image 2

Video about Makefast Bimini Units

To order contact or call us on +44 (0)1686 629010

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