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Spring Snap Angled Hook With Eye End

Spring Snaps Manufactured in Type 316 stainless steel.

All products have Electro Polish finish.

Stated Breaking Load is the Recommended Working Load (RWL).

Tested Deformation Load (TDL) is four times the Recommended Working Load (RWL).
PartSizeDimensionsBreaking LoadStockPriceQuantityDetails
6 mm. Spring Snap angled hook with eye end discontinued spring snap discontinued ang latch eye end6243-0006 6 mm12.5 x 6 x 61 mm187.5 kgs0
1.29 / 1.52
8 mm. Spring Snap discontinued ang hook eye end 8 spring snap Discontinued ang hook eye end6243-0008 8 mm17 x 8 x 81 mm437.5 Kgs721
0.62 / 0.73
10spring snap discontinued ang hook eye end 10 spring snap discontinued an hook eye end6243-0010 10 mm23.5 x 10 x 102 mm562.5 Kgs223
4.04 / 4.76
12spring snap discontinued ang hook eyeend6243-0012 12 mm28 x 12 x 122 mm912.5 Kgs58
6.65 / 7.83


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