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Makefast has achieved ISO.9001:2015

Certificate No. FM60306

Continuous investment in the Design and Development Department has allowed Makefast to strengthen its position as a developer of innovative technical products.

Recent investments include:
Star SR-32 Sliding head lathe
3D Printer
Bagging Machine
Epicor: Enterprrise resource planning software

Accompanied by an extensive range of product technical data sheets, certificates of conformity, product and material traceability, Makefast offer a concise and full technical support service to all our customers.



All Makefast welded safety products are manufactured under strict quality conditions using the TIG welding system.

We believe this gives our customers the highest quality product in life critical applications.

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) uses a tungsten electrode with an argon (inert gas) shield to enclose the welding arc and eliminate the threat of impurities in the weld during the critical fusion phase. In this way we guarantee weld strengths supported by thorough product batch testing during the welding process.

Some manufacturers using unshielded arc welding systems cannot guarantee weld strengths as the open arc encourages weld impurity, so reducing strength.

Check before you buy



Many of our buckles and D rings etc. are accredited to the new Lifejacket Standard:

EN ISO 12402 -7:2006/FprA1:2010,

which is shown throughout the site with the lifejacket symbol.


Unless otherwise specified, all stainless steel quoted in this catalogue is Type 316 for the highest levels of performance and corrosion resistance.

Our carbon steel products use a range of grades appropriate to the application and all are offered in silver zinc plated or yellow passivated finishes as standard. Alternative surface finishes are available on request, particularly as health and safety legislation is phasing out yellow passivation.

Our Aluminium Alloy products are manufactured in a range of high strength alloys appropriate to
the intended application.

Makefast plastic products are offered in suitable materials for there intended applications,
Nylon 6, Acetal and Nylon 66 30% Glass filled are used in loaded applications.
Non loaded products are generally manufactured in Polypropylene, and High Density Polyethylene.

If you have any queries relating to the performance of a particular product please
contact us as we can offer technical advice relating to the suitability of various materials for
particular applications.


Breaking Loads (in Kg and KN) are for guidance only and do not form part of any warranty. All loads are quoted assuming a straight pull using shackles to secure the test equipment. Where the load on a buckle is not straight the strength could be reduced. Loading indicated in Kg. is Kg. Force where:-

Load in KN = Load in KG x 9.81

Where formulas have been used to obtain a components breaking load, etc. an ultimate
tensile stress has been assumed of :-

500 N/mm2 for stainless steel
300 N/mm2 for aluminium (5083 marine grade)
350 N/mm2 for carbon steel

In certain tests, buckles, D rings, etc. have been pulled using webbing, failure of the webbing
occurs before the buckle reaches its Breaking Load. Our test data is available on request and
tests can be made on customer’s applications if required. Buckles are used in a variety of applications and the factor of safety for Safe Working Loads (SWL) may vary.
Our recommendation is that the Safe Working Load be one fifth of the Breaking Load (BL)

All data is given for guidance only and is done so without warranty. It is the
obligation of the purchaser or end user to determine whether or not the item is
suitable for its intended application.

In no event shall our liability extend beyond the replacement cost of any item.

To order contact or call us on +44 (0)1686 629010

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